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I had little idea what happened to my Grandfather between being invalided back to the UK on 17th July 1916 and, with an extra stripe up, being transferred to the RGA and shipped out to Salonika. Rummaging again through three albums of postcards that belonged to him and my Grandmother I've found one sent by her for his birthday, which was 20th September 1916. The address she used is rather cryptic, though! It looks like:

Cpl H Gaskin

B Division

H Block

A. ACJ Depot



Anyone able to make sense of A ACJ Depot, please? Artillery something or other, presumably?

Was there a training section based there? As you can see he was a Corporal in September 1916 but his MIC shows he had been promoted by February 1917. I can remember him saying that he had to retake the exam but it never occurred to me that he might have done the course in England, though it's now clear he must have done.


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