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Charles E Drew - Durham light infantry


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Hi, this is my first post on here and was wandering if anyone had any information on this indiviual at all,

I have his victory medal and done some background research, eg cwgc but he wasnt on there so i dont think he died in the war, and i have his medal index card off the national archives which is very vague.

Charles E Drew

Durham Light Infantry


If anyone can help me on this it would be greatly apreciated, eg what division or what-not....

Thanks for reading, Dave

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wow! thank you so much for this, wasnt expecting anything on him, where did u find this?

thank u so much.


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Hi pm me your email addy and I will send you the service record


Some personal details

Births Mar 1888 (>99%)

DREW Charles Edward Kingston 2a 367

Marriages Sep 1901 (>99%)

DREW Charles Edward Lambeth 1d 877

MOORE Isabel Lambeth 1d 877

Births Jun 1902

DREW John Charles E Godstone 2a 214

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Hi Dave

Following on from the posted front page of his attestation papers on Ancestry Service Records. There are 2 sets of records, 14 pages in all. Pte Charles Edward Drew, b.1877 had 3 service numbers, 20231, 9041 and 485196, Labour Corps. He was injured after serving abroad. The papers show he appealed re his medal award and shows he was later awarded the British and Victory Medals..,Family details also available on Ancestry.

Regards Barry

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thanks for this information, greatly apreciated off both of you on ur willingness to help and ur fastness on responses.. :):)

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