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What do you think would of happeed to P.O.Ws after they were first captured. Do you think it would of been like somethig from a Ramo film e.g Beaten and questioned?

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Do you mean Germans captured by the Allies? Or Indians captured by Turks. There's quite a difference.

There was much tracking and analysis of the treatment of British POWs by Germany, and by and large they were not mistreated, other than being half-starved - just like the civilian population.

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Guest Desmond6

From my reading I reckon it wasn't that easy to get yourself captured in the heat of trench fighting in WW1!

However, it's obvious that many men were taken prisoner. Looking at so many old pictures in well known books we see British and German walking wounded coming away from the fighting zone, sometimes prisoners are being used to carry badly wounded etc. The ever-present ciggie is hanging from virtually every mouth and in most cases the escort has his rifle slung.

I don't think there'd be much of the Rambo treatment once blood had cooled.

Souvenir 'liberation' is a totally different issue ....

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You mention much tracking and analysis of treatment of POWs. Can you recommend a fairly accessible source ? Presently only a 'family history' interest brought me to this site-but I'm learning and also hope to educate my sons ! Their grandads' stories are a start.


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