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help required


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Anyone up with their Kings Regs.

Under cause of discharge is the following

392 (xxu) KR

+ a c I2333/16

I dont suppose anyone has any ideas on this or where I can find the relevamt information to look up myself.




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KR 392 with various sub-paragraphs provided reasons for discharge, including unfitness to serve. The National Archives website somewhere has a list of abbreviations, but a better-informed Forumite should be able to give chapter and verse on the sub-para quoted (I suspect xxv rather than xxu).

The other ref is probably Army Council Instruction no .... but I have no more to offer on that.


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24773 Pte Coupe Thomas.

Unit I.R.C.Regt.

SWB number 452390.

Enlistment date 27/11/15.

Discharge date 26/6/17. XXV.2=His services being no longer required, Applications will be submitted on A.F.B 130,accompanied by full particulars and copies of conduet sheets.

A.C.I 2333/16.

Overseas No.

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