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Trrop Ship - Southampton to Le Havre 1917


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I'm researching my great grandfather, Household Battalion, who died in 1917.

I know that he embarked from Southampton 10/11/1917 and disembarked Le Havre 11/11/1917.

Any help on identifying the particular troopship or even in identifying which ships it could be appreciated.

If I am being optimistic help with sources or references for further research would be good.



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You are probably talking reinforcement troops here,as opposed to the movement of a Battalion,Brigade,or Division,in which case it would almost certainly show the ship's name in the War Diary. Your subject's movement would likely have been as a result of heavy losses at Poelcapelle during October by the Household Battalion. You could try the War Diary at Kew,it just might have some detail as there were quite a few arrivals at that time. I will get back to you about what numbers they are as I don't know anything about them !

The Long Long Trail has a page about them,have you seen it ?:


If you are really keen note the bottom of that page !

Hoping to find a loadlist etc for the Southampton departures of troopships on that day is unlikely to succeed.


Edit: The War Diary (there is only one) is at Kew under WO95/1481 and runs from Nov 1916 to Feb 1918,when they disbanded. If you have a date for your GGFs death you could buy a download of the Diary pages for that period,you get 10 pages for 8.50. You could post his name here,it might help with more info coming your way,and is also an open act of remembrance.

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Thanks for the info. Tou are correct in assuming he was a part of the reinforcement.

I do have a copy of the war dairy for the period as you suggest, but this just notes that reinforcements joined the battalion. The war diary only covers what the battalion was doing at the front.

I also have a copy Trooper Matthew Kiddie's service record too which gives me the details of when he was transported but unfortunately no ship names. I am also guessing as to his transfer from le havre to the front.

I was hoping that there would be records of which ships operated the route. Were they like ferries or was it more random?

I suppose I am 'fishing' for any help on the maritime element of his journey.


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