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manchester terrier

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manchester terrier

Came across the Combined Arms Research Library Digital Library of the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth.

For the Great War historian it contains an amazing quantity of online digital books.

The Obsolete Military Manuals section has a good selection of Great War material, with manycopies of Allied publications such as weapons manuals for British weapons in AEF useage, notes on tactics, etc.

Military History 1900-1939 again contains much that is of interst to researchers.

General Military History is worth a look.

COMBAT STUDIES INSTITUTE (CSI) PRESS have a couple of papers covering WW1 in the Leavenworth Papers series.

All books are high quality scans in downloadable pdf format.

All in all there really is too much to list, I recommend a good browse. You wont be disappointed.



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