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Sherwood forresters at Festubert


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First post, so hoping for great things!

I'm having problems finding history of the 9th Battalion Sherwood Forresters in 1914. The young man I'm following landed at Le Harve 5th November 1914, and according to family was in hospial with frostbite in December before heading for the Dardanelles. Where was he likely to have been for these few short weeks in Nov?

Any insight would be most happily received

Sarah :D

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Hi Sarah. Welcome to the Forum.

You're in luck: Forum member Steve Morse has written a book on the 9th Foresters. I believe he has a few copies left: if you're very lucky you might even get an unsigned one (in-joke, sorry).

Having said that, your chap must have been with a different battalion if he was at festubert in '15, as the 9th went straight to the Dardanelles, without stopping-off in France. The 1st and 2nd Battalions were both in France in 1915, and the 1st (in the 8th Division) were certainly in the right neighbourhood, so I guess it's possible he started with them and was transferred to the 9th after a spell in hospital in UK.

Anyway, I'm would suspect Mr Morse might be able to help - what's the name of your chap?

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Getting used to this system..sorry!

My chap is JH Scott.

I know from his obituary that he was a regular pre 1914, serving in India...don't know anything else about that period.

Sent to France Nov 1914 (confirmed medral roll card). In hospital dec '14 then sent back to France.

Family say he was in Neuve Chapelle and Fostubert.

In hospital again June '15 then sent to Dardanelles. I think the 9th Forresters were there early with the 'New Army'.

The Egypt, think about 6months, and then the Somme.

KIA 6.8.16

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1st Battalion man, then. They were at Bombay at the outbreak of war, arriving in UK 2.10.14; to Hursley (near Winchester) with the 8th Division (24th Brigade); to France 5.11.14.

THIS is his CWGC entry. Looking at Mr Morse's tome, I see your man is in the appendix, but the CWGC gives him as attached to the 8th Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment; this is mentioned in Steve's book (page 55).

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Welcome Sarah.

I have a photo of his grave at Maricourt. Basically the 9th Bn fought on Gallipoli from Aug 6th 1915, although they did spend time at helles in July. Then to Egypt for 6 months prior to moving to the Western front. They moved to the Arras front and owing to losses on the Somme, around 180 men were loaned to the 8th South Staffs. John Henry Scott died on the Somme with the 8th Bn S Staffs who were in support at Delville Wood. They were shelled and a number of men died including the youngest member of the battalion James Walters aged 16.

If you would like photos, go to http://www.ypressalient.co.uk/ and you will find my email address plus photos of Gallipoli.

if i can be of further help, let me know.

Best Wishes

Steve Morse

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