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James Scott or was he John Leitch Mitchell Scott?

Derek Robertson

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A local Hawick newspaper states that a Drummer JAMES Scott, 1st KOSB, died of wounds at Gallipoli.

The name JAMES is reinforced in the "Scotsman" newspaper and again he is a drummer.

I find a Medal Index Card for a drummer JAMES Scott, 1st KOSB, died of wounds - his number is given as 9526.

All of the above information suggests that I am talking about the same man.

"Scotsman" cutting





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Where things start going astray is in the CWGC information etc for no.9526, Drummer, 1st Bn. KOSB, surname of Scott.

Why has JAMES Scott now become John Leitch Mitchell Scott?


Initials: J L M

Nationality: United Kingdom

Rank: Private

Regiment/Service: King's Own Scottish Borderers

Unit Text: 1st Bn.

Date of Death: 06/06/1915

Service No: 9526

Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead

Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 84 to 92 or 220 to 222.


below details from SDGW confirming number


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and the detail from the Scottish National War Memorial:


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I can't find a census return for James or John Leith Mitchell Scott which would prove the name one way or the other.

Can anyone give me a pointer where to look next as I find it rather strange to have 3 reports of his name being JAMES and the 3 "official" sources giving the name as JOHN LEITCH MITCHELL Scott.

Both cannot be correct but the service number is the same as is the "Drummer".

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Hi Derek,

You keep on finding these conundrums don't you?

Checking ScotlandsPeople, there is no John Leitch Mitchell Scott born in Scotland from 1860-1900. Can't help with the name confusion, but can confirm that his regimental number tallies up with the report stating he had served 9 years - his number indicates enlistment in June 1906.


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Solving these "conundrums" after 90 years means that one more of "my boys" is correctly remembered and honoured.

Unfortunately hunting the name of "James Scott" or "John Scott" in Scotland is like finding a needle in a haystack. Hopefully the 1911 census may provide a clue BUT I don't want to wait!

A search on his alleged brother "Harry" has thrown up far fewer possible matches but sadly none showed a link with a James or John in the Scottish census records.

Thank you for confirming his number for me.

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Hi Derek

I found this MIC, with John Scott, the numbers are very similar

James 9526 KOSB

John 98526 North' Fus'------ KOSB 8268 originally

Also there is number 25 at top of each MIC, don't know if that means anything.

Whether this helps I know not, hope it does

Cheers Mike.

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Thanks for your bit of sleuthing.

This is another avenue I will need to explore. 98526 and 9526 with the same name of John Scott :o

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Thank you. I only looked at the possible births of Scotts in Maryhill (as the SDGW had him born there) and not nearer to home in Stow.

I will check the birth out - thanks once again.

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