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Remembered Today:

55th Sqdn., Royal Air Force

Kevin Stillyards

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I am after information about the 55th Sqdn.

Also Second Lieutenant T E BREWER killed 12 June 1918 and

Lieutenanat MAX JONES MC killed 12 June 1918.

What was the squadron doing one this day?

Could they have been killed together?

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No 55 Sqn RAF was a unit of the 41st Wing, Independent Force, RAF, a detached unit based behind the French sector of the Western Front. The IF was engaged in long range strategic bombing, primarily of industrial sites in Germany. When the IF commenced operations in June 1918 there were three day-bomber squadrons: No 55 (DH4); No 99 (DH9); and No 104 (DH9). There was also a night-bomber wing.

Lt Max Greville Jones MC (pilot) and 2Lt Thomas Elison Brewer (observer) were flying in DH4 A7650 of No 55 Sqn, when shot down and killed near Cheneurières on 12 June 1918. They were carrying out a height test on the German side of the lines when attacked by enemy aircraft.

Lt Jones was credited with sending an Albatros D.V out of control on 30 September 1917 when flying in DH4 A7418 with 2/AM S L Leyland as his observer.

I hope this helps.

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