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Remembered Today:

54 General Hospital, Aubengue

marc leroux

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My grandfather was gassed at Arras in 1918 and sent to the 54 General Hospital in the Aubengue/Wimereux area.

Would anyone have any information on this unit?


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The No 54 Hospital in Wimereaux was located in AUBERGUE from 2/7/1917 until 1/5/1919 and was known as the 'London General'.


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In the Wimereux/Boulogne area,the place seems to have gone from current maps ! Burials from Aubergue seem to have gone to the aforementioned places.

Member Sue Light here may have a location for you. Alternatively the Hospital War Diary will have a location posted:


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Good Morning for the community

I aù a french sailor retired for 20 years, i have somme information to give on the Wimereux's Hospitals during WW1

There were 11 Hospitals in Wimereux depending of RAMC

I can say that wIimereux was like an english yown during 5 years. There were 750 UK nurses employed in Wimereux in 1917.

It would be too long to tell the story.

Concerning the Hospital N°55 i could sent for you the photo with the location of differents hospitals in the North of Wimereux.

This photo is dated of 1929, 10 years after that th RAMC left Wimereux in 1919.

I think that this picture could help you in your research, the best way is to obtain the book that i wrote on Wimereux 1914 1918

you can find all explications and historic reports on these hospitals. Icannot afford to make pub on this forum.

I dont know the way to send picture on this forumWith my best regards to the community.



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Good evening, this is the link where you can find the location of hospitals 53 54 55 in the north of Wimereux 1914 1918.

If you have any question you can post a message



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Your link contains some rather adult content as well as your plan and opens another page with even more adult content.


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