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Remembered Today:

British SBR for swap or sale


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You will not solicit or promote any commercial activity in which you have an interest on the main Forum. A link to a non-commercial website is permitted in your signature but must be of a reasonable length and in a small font. No link to a commercial website is permitted in the signature or personal profile. No banners or other images are allowed in a signature. Commercial logos are not permitted nor are they to be used as an avatar. Posts that are deemed by moderators as promoting a commercial interest will be deleted or otherwise modified unless you have specifically approached the Forum owners and obtained permission to post (email admin@greatwarforum.com for such permission). No warning of such removals or modifications will be given. This ruling includes charitable appeals. In case of any doubt, the moderators' decision will be final.

Promoting Great War related products or services by long-standing members is permitted in the 'GWF Classifieds' section under the specific rules set out in that section.

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" The Classifieds are reserved for members who have clocked-up 100+ posts (see the preamble), but you are at liberty to post it on the Forum in the usual way.


Hello Kate which would be the correct category to post this listing?


I deleted your last message and can't remember what is was, but when in doubt use Chit Chat. We can always move it if needed.


Above is a mail I hade from Kate saying it was ok to put my swap request into chit chat.


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