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Having Recently purchased a 1931 CWGC register for Shropshire, i've noticed the following man is not listed:

Henry Alfred Cakebread, Labour Corps, died 19/02/1919, buried Oakengates (Holy Trinity). He is commemorated by the CWGC, however his name is not listed in the register.

Does this mean in 1931, Henry Alfred Cakebread was uncommemorated? or was this a simple clerical error?

Terry Denham provides the forum with recently accepted commemorations, but what about those accepted after the cut off date for both wars?

Curiosity is getting the better of me, when was Henry commemorated?


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Several men were missed in the first editions of the UK CWGC registers either through error or usually because they were not known. They were added by the time the second editions (if any) were published in the 1970s/80s.

Finding non-coms is not new - especially amongst the post-discharge group.

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Here are the names which were added to the Shropshire register after publication up to April 2003.



BOMFORD, Henry Raymond

Lance Corporal C/8133

2 Bn, King’s Royal Rifle Corps

Died 06.01.17

Son of Mrs Louisa Bomford of Stapleford, Bridgnorton

Grave: In North East Part



Driver T4/057472

Army Service Corps

Died 03.05.18 Age 39

Son of Thomas and Martina Bennett of South View, Aston Square, Oswestry. Husband of Annie Magdalene Bennett

Grave: North of Church

ELLIS, David William MM

Staff Serjeant 131932

Royal Engineers

Died 08.01.19 Age 34

Son of Richard and Elizabeth Ellis of 2 Church Lane, Selattyn. Husband of Mary Ann Ellis of Arndale, Gobowen, nr Oswestry

Grave: North of Church



Private 238149

19 Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers

Died 25.07.21

Grave: New Ground 86A

PLEVIN, James Reginald

Private 17284

1 Bn, King’s Shropshire Light Infantry

Died 21.04.19 Age 25

Son of John and Jane Plevin of 3 School Road, Donington. Born in Lilleshall

Grave: New Ground 116


HAMAR, Evan John Edward

Rifelman 14584242

2 Bn, Royal Ulster Rifles

Died 04.08.44 Age 22

Son of John and Alice Maud Hamar of Pentre Hollow, Newcastle-on-Clun

Grave: n/a


CAKEBREAD, Henry Alfred

Private 242738

423 Agricultural Coy, Labour Corps

Died 19.02.19

Husband of Edith Mary Cakebread of Pavement Gates, Ford

Grave: n/a


BALL, Joseph

Private 19264

7 Bn, King’s Shropshire Light Infantry

Died 12.11.18 Age 26

Son of Mr J.Ball of 8 Priors Lee Road, Snedshill

Grave: New Ground near Boundary

EVANS, Charles

Driver 243947

Royal Field Artillery

Died 16.01.18 Age 25

Son of Mrs E.Evans of 5 Hydraulic Bank, Snedshill

Grave: New Ground near Boundary

EVANS, William

Gunner 191210

Royal Garrison Artillery

Died 02.10.20 Age 33

Son of William and E.Evans of 5 Hydraulic Bank, Snedshill. Husband of M.H.Evans of 76-77 Park Street, Madeley

Grave: New Ground near Boundary


Lance Corporal 239277

4 Bn, King’s Shropshire Light Infantry

Died 13.11.18 Age 28

Husband of Mrs Taylor (formerly Holloway) of 7 Haybridge Road, Wellington

Grave: Old Ground West of Church


JONES, William Henry

Private 315531

1/5 Bn, Cheshire Regt

Died 08.05.18 Age 28

Son of Mr & Mrs John Jones of 15 Burroughs Bank, Dawley

Alternative Commemoration - Buried in Dawley Parva (St Luke) Churchyard

Grave: Special Memorial

MASON, Harold John

Airman 2nd Class 8130

1 Reserve AP, Royal Flying Corps

Died in motor accident 04.03.16 Age 27

Son of William and Annie Elizabeth Mason of 38 Lawley Gate, Horsehay

Alternative Commemoration - Buried in Lawley (St John) Churchyard

Grave: Special Memorial


Private M2/133239

MT, Army Service Corps

Died 26.03.16

Alternative Commemoration - Buried in Lilleshall (St Michael) Churchyard

Grave: Special Memorial


Private SE/30104

Army Veterinary Corps

Died 24.10.18 Age 35

Husband of Emma Harrison (formerly Sherwood) of 12 King Street, Broseley

Alternative Commemoration - Buried in Dawley Parva (St Luke) Churchyard

Grave: Special Memorial


MORRIS, Joseph Alexander

Gunner 97547

366 Siege Bty, Royal Garrison Artillery

Died 05.02.19 Age 37

Grave: East Part near South Boundary


BICKELL, William Burt


13 Training Depot Stn, Royal Air Force

Died 12.10.18 Age 24

Son of Mrs M.J.Hancock of 652 Manning Avenue, Toronto, Ont, Canada

Grave: 49

CILLIERS, Gabriel Pieter

Second Lieutenant

13 Training Depot Stn, Royal Air Force

Died 10.11.18

Grave: 54

CLACK, Charles Richard

Air Mechanic 1st Class 29412

131 Sqn, Royal Air Force

Died 05.05.18

Grave: 38

DREW, Jack

Private S/361906

Reserve Supply Personnel Depot, Army Service Corps (formerly 19868 Grenadier Guards)

Died 08.11.18 Age 25

Son of Mrs Lisa Diment (formerly Drew) of 33 Cromwell Grove, Hammersmith, London. Enlisted in Oct. 1914

Grave: 53

FORSYTH, Reginald James Thomas

Second Lieutenant

Australian Flying Corps

Died 16.02.18 of injuries sustain on 20.01.18 in Pup (B6089)

Son of John Lile Lewis and Elizabeth Christina Forsyth

Grave: 34


Serjeant 16381

2/3 Siege Art Res Bde, Royal Garrison Artillery

Died 29.12.19

Grave: 67

GOSSAGE, Guy Winwood


3 West Lancs Bde, Royal Field Artillery

Died 24.12.17 Age 47

Son of the late F.H.Gossage. Husband of Helen F.Gossage of Gerwyn Hall, Marchwiel, Wrexham. Born at Camp Hill, Woolton, Liverpool

Grave: 25

HERFORD, Walter Harrel

Gunner 1397

Australian Flying Corps

Died 04.10.17 Age 49

Son of Charles James and Mary Jane Herford

Grave: 18


Private S/385605

Reserve Supply Personnel Depot, Army Service Corps

Died 01.02.18

Grave: 31

JONES, Francis Herbert

Private T/392916

Reserve Supply Personnel Depot, Army Service Corps

Died 19.02.18

Grave: 35

JONES, Herbert Henry

Private 459256

555 Agricultural Coy, Labour Corps (formerly 33150 1 Bn, Loyal North Lancs Regt)

Died 02.11.18 Age 23

Son of Edward and Emma Jones of 2 Fair View, Bomere Heath, Shrewsbury

Grave: 52

KEENAN, Martin

Warrant Officer Class I (SSM) S/15139

Reserve Supply Personnel Depot, Army Service Corps

Died 13.05.18 Age 41

Son lof the late Patrick and Mary Keenan of George Street, Queen’s Co. Long Service and Good Conduct Medal

Grave: 39

KENDALL, John Robert

Private TR3/71954

49 Bn, Training Reserve

Died 09.07.18 Age 20

Son of Mr and Mrs J.R.Kendall of 103 Queen’s Road, New Tredegar, Monmouthshire

Grave: 44

KNEALE, John Francis

Second Lieutenant

10 Tng Sqn, Royal Flying Corps

Died 21.12.17 in crash of Camel (B2310)

Grave: 24

MORGAN, Albert

Corporal 1130

Australian Flying Corps

Died 10.02.18 Age 31

Son of the late Jenken and Margaret Morgan. Born in Ballarat, Vic, Australia

Grave: 32

MOSS, James Henry

Private 493238

Western Cmd Labour Centre, Labour Corps

Died 23.02.18 Age 19

Son of Margaret Jane Moss of 44 Elton Street, Lower Broughton, Manchester and the late J.H.Moss

Grave: 36

OWENS, Samuel

Private TR3/72919

49 Bn, Training Reserve

Died 12.10.18 Age 18

Son of George A. and Annie Mary Owens of 83 Highgate Street, Edge Hill, Liverpool

Grave: 47

PIM, Francis Joseph

Serjeant P/6855

Military Foot Police

Died 27.10.17

Grave: 20

ROBINSON, George Lancaster

Private (Flt Cadet)

13 Tng Depot Stn, Royal Air Force (formerly PPCLI)

Died 01.11.18 Age 21

Son of John and Annie Robinson (née Lancaster) of 227 Stratheam Avenue, Montreal West, Québec, Canada

Grave: 51

SANDERS, William Price

Private S/388275

Reserve Supply Personnel Depot, Army Service Corps (formerly G/46064 Royal Fusiliers)

Died 29.01.18 Age 28

Son of Allen and Elizabeth Ann Sanders of 8 St Thomas’s Road, Harlesden, London

Grave: 30

TREADWELL, Edward Jabez Cooper

Cadet 959

4 Sqn, Australian Flying Corps

Died 20.09.17 when struck by propeller Age 22

Son of Edward Cooper Treadwell of 32 York Street, St Kilda, Vic, Australia and the late Mary Jane Treadwell

Grave: 17


GILL, Alfred

Sapper 179255

Royal Engineers

Died 06.10.16

Husband of A.Louisa Gill of 41 Broad Street, Staffs

Grave: Near South Gate



Royal Army Medical Corps

Died 23.11.39

Son of the Revd William Williams and Elizabeth Lloyd. Husband of Dorothea Sybil Lloyd of Bridgnorth

Grave: North West Part

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Got photos of the two lads at Liileshall


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Got photos of the two lads at Liileshall


Hi Chris,

I've virtually all the Shropshire war graves photographed. some 1,100+


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