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Middlesex Regiment expert please


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This chap attested 26 Aug 1914, and was given number 1201. We have his MiC and his surviving documents. I am intrigued by his service number, as I thought Middx. boys all had a prefix, regardless of Terms of Enlistment.

He is g-gfather to two of my grand-daughters.

Thomas appears to have been posted to 5th bn 2 Oct 1914, and to 4th bn 19 Jan 1915, the day before he entered F&F.

Transferred to RE Tunnelling Coy, No. 184 if I read it correctly. Up and down to Cpl several times.


1915 star and SWB.

But his number does puzzle me!

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If the Middlesex Regiment was anything like the Royal Fusiliers then I suspect the prefix was added or left off at the whim of whomever was filling out the form.

I personally suspect he was prefixed, either with a G/ or GS/. Just above his number on his attestation sheet is the annotation GS/MX (no need to spell out what that means) and it's something I've come across several times with 'my' Royal Fusiliers battalion. Number is unprefixed on Attestation papers but has a similar (RFGS) annotation above, go to the Medal Rolls and there is the G/ or GS/ prefix.



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He would have a prefix if he were listed on the Middlesex medal rolls. However, the Middlesex prefixes often disappear from medal rolls of other regiments or corps.

If I were guessing this man's prefix, I would say 'G'.



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