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Holster Identification


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I have several of these holsters that I got in a recent purchase. Some have the broad arrow and inspector's number on the inside leadig me to believe they are regular british issue. From doing a search, I can't positively identify it, as it looks like a modified pattern 14 holster. Can anyone help me?



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Unless there are remains of holes from the rivets where the buckle and chape on this holster it might be:

"Case, Pistol Leather, Webley with leather loops, MKII" List of Changes 17176 8 March 1915.

Pistol cases and ammo pouches, not of the P14 variety, were made with brass hooks and leather loops.

These were probably meant for wear with P03 belts etc but the loops are large enough to also be worn with P08.

Joe Sweeney

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Thanks Joe,

There are no old holes I checked for those thinking it was a converted P'14 holster. It had me baffled as I have about two dozen of these in a box that I bought from a guy that used to sell British gear at gunshows.

I'm still going through all the boxes and trying to identify the web gear and accoutrements - it's a mixture of British, French and US gear from the first and second world war. As I identify the pieces, I am selecting an example for my collection and puting duplicates aside for future sale or trade.

The holster is black in color and not brown - does that have any significance for unit or service?

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It's a pistol case made for the Royal Ulster Constabulary, patterned after but not identical to the Pattern 1914 one. That's why it's black. It was worn on a snake belt. The picture shows an RUC constable's tunic with the same pistol case.

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Thanks John,

I've found some pictures of the Black and Tans with open topped webley holsters - just can't see if they have leather loops or not.

Because several of these holsters have the broad arrow and an inspectors mark on the inside, would the RUC have had such a marking? I would have thought a police force would not have had a military ownership mark.

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Its actualy a Government Property mark. Still seen localy to me on marker stones to the old GPO. I have also seen it in the past on Fire fighting equipment in a hospital. Could be tied down to a military object if used with the WD mark. Cheers, Paul.

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