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A Carrigan 1029 GNR RA


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The BBC state that it's free to get any information throughout November on the National Archive web site?

I have been trying to get info on A Carringan 1029 GNR RA with little success. Can anyonr help with his medal card, service record and pensions, that's if there are any.


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Hi Alan.Maybe you mean Ancestry.co.uk.

It's free this month.At the moment it seems to be down(maintenace).Probably too many people using it .

When it is back in action,follow instructions,and you may get what you are after.


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The National Archives charge £2 for a download of a MIC (medal card)

Albert Carrigan (no N) was a Gunner in the Royal Field Artillary and has two numbers, 1029 & 735408

Heres a link to the card : http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documen...p;resultcount=1


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