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I'm back for a bit more help, if I can impose please.

I have found the service record for my great uncle Joseph Jonas Freeman.

It appears he served in the Kings Royal Rifle Corp with serv. no. 6760 until Sept 1891, then

re-enlisted in 1906 as 14144 in the Royal Fusiliers.

Please help locate his MIC if possible or send directions on doing it myself.

Thank you

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Hi wcfree2,

I was on a web site the other day, and E mailed this guy, he sent me a j-peg copy of my Grandfathers Medal Card, sent him an Email, he may be able to help.

BritishLIregts@aol.com is the web site and the guy's name is, Keith Petvin- Scudamore.

Good luck.


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Getting the MIC is no problem, logging on to Ancestry is at the moment. If no one else posts I'll try again in a little while.


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Thank you Amelia, one more question if I may. He served in KRRC actually til 1903 as 6760, was discharged and then reenlisted as 14144 again in KRRC, transferring to the Royal Fusiliers. During his first hitch he served in South Africa and according to his `Military Service Record`he received a South Africa Star as well as some kind of clasp. Are the MIC cards only for service in WW1 and where could I find info on these.



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Hello Warren,

Have a look at this page on the Long Long Trail site explaining Medal Index Cards and the Medal Rolls to which they refer. I'm no expert but I believe these MICs do relate only to WWI.

Good luck with your research: having your great-uncle's service record is a major boon considering most of the records were destroyed! :)

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Thanks to everyone. Amelia, I am lucky, I have been able to trace military records for my grandfather as well as 2 of his brothers, one of whom died of wounds late 1917. There are 2 more I am still lookin for, hopefully with some success.

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