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Remembered Today:

Khaki and Mud by HS Clapham

Geoff Parker

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I have just finished reading the above book recently reprinted by Naval and

Military press at £11.50. The was written by a private (later NCO) in the HAC

during the 1915 period in the Ypres Salient around St. Eloi, Sanctuary

Wood/Hooge. Although the actions that the author is involved in may seem a bit repetitive to some, I found it an excellent account of the grim realities of trench

warfare in the Salient during 1915. A must for anyone interested in that period.

Also half a dozen nice photographs of the trenches of that period.


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Thanks Geoff, didn't realise this had been reprinted, I am off to order it now.

Have you also read "Over the top" A PBI in the HAC by Arthur Lambert, it would be interesting how the two reflected on the same incidents


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No I haven't read that one but I've seen in their catalogue so maybe I'll order

than. I also saw this morning that N&M have now reprinted the "HAC in the Great

War" by G Goold Walker, so I think I'll get that as well.

At the moment I've just started "London Men in Palestine" by Rowlands Coldicott

Unfortunately it the story picks up after Beersheba and the Third Battle of Gaza.


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