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The Great War (1914-1918) Forum

Remembered Today:

Armistice day 2008

David B

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No doubt all forum members will be thinking long and hard about 11 Nov 1918 and the hundreds

of thousands of men who never made it home. Yes I have a couple of family members in that category but

I would also like to remember those who came home with missing limbs smashed faces etc. No doubt there are a

lot of members who are too young to have seen this aspect of the war but I can remember (yes I am getting

on a bit) the 30's and 40's, the many ex soldiers in this category shambling around town trying to make a go of

it. One wonders what their life was like after the event. War is not a nice event.

Regards to all


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It's gone midnight here and most pals in these parts are tucked up in bed but I saw your post and I echo your thoughts.

My great-uncle was RGA, awarded the DCM, but died an ignominious death (for a hero) from typhoid fever in Guildford in 1923.

Not to mention the mental scars.

We will remember them.


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I remebered those who died overseas and those who died on the supposedly safe home front of both world wars. I also thought of my Dad who was in a reserved occupation (as an electrical engineer) for WW2, but served in the St Johns Ambalance at night. This included digging bodies out after the 'mini blittz' V1 & V2 attacks. He's still affected by it, but just as much that he was 'safe' at home and didn't give up his reserved occupation to serve in the forces. Those who went suffered, so did those who stayed behind.

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