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German "road" Sign Translation

Patrick Mooney

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Hello friends,

Great to be back on the new forum. I have a question for our German members or those who speak the Kaiser's tongue...

I recently was given a "trench" or "road" sign, painted black letters on wood which resembles a barrel stave. This came from the Western Front and was sent as a early birthday gift. The message is:

"Zur Umschlagstelle Casar"

My German is poor - and my military German even worse, so I need help. Can anyone assist me with the translation and any information on where this might have come from. My friend got it at a boot sale, so there is no information other than what I have already.

Many thanks,


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Hello Patrick,

It means to the transfer place Caesar (there is undoubtedly an Umlaut over the first a).

An 'umschlagstelle' is a place (station?) where goods can be transferred from one train, truck etc to another.

Cäsar is the codenaam for the place.


Jan Vancoillie

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Thank you very much - I have noticed upon closer exam that on the back is handwritten in pencil "ausfahrt verbotten" which I know is "No Exit" and a series numbers of calculations - none of which help with ID or location, but add some more interest.

Now - to find out where this Transfer station was located...

Many thanks again,

Pat :D

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Hello Patrik,

I don't want to split hairs but it says 'Ausfahrt verboten' (with 1 T).



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