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info needed on soldier - can anyone look up details?


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Hi, I wonder if one of you kind souls could help. I need to fill in some blanks for a particular soldier. This is all I have at the moment:

Cpl Abram/Abraham Jones 266456. From Berthlwyd, Llanbrynmair (Mid Wales). Known to be serving in Palestine April 1916 and May 1917 (although I don't know which regiment he served with), and according to a postcard was in the 'Mustapha Details Camp' in January 1918.

I don't expect anyone to go out of their way with an extensive search, but any further information, such as regiment, maybe DoB even, would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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He was in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers (he either was, or had been, a Territorial - 1/6th (Carnarvonshire & Anglesey) Battalion (53rd (Welsh) Division). His rank as corporal must have been temporary only.

Bit hard to say when he was born - there are several Abram Jones' listed as born in wales on FreeBMD around the correct timescale.



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The number is from a 1917 re-numbering scheme,there is a list in the Long Long Trail at top left of this page. It won't help though as you don't know his Regiment,pity because you will get the Battalion from that if you knew the Regt ! You can't assume that he was in a Welsh Regiment either !

WO372/11 has not produced any hits on the name and number you quote,at least for the moment. You might have to search on the number only and then sift through the hits.


Edit: Well done Andy,I was just about to search on the number ! It's the 6th Battalion RWF then. They were in 158 Brigade of 53 Division (Gallipoli and Palestine). See:


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Wow, you lot never cease to amaze me! That was so quick! I knew the info would be out there somewhere, but wasn't sure where to start, and it would have taken me ages to find it on my own.

That is just the stuff I was hoping for. I can't thank you enough. :D

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