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What gear would a Trench Mortar officer have worn?


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Bombers Badge-9694/1917 (10/10/17)--All Scarlet--replacing above as stocks run out.

Excellent - and thanks Joe. I've been wondering what this was for ages.


Best wishes,


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Some of the other items that are associated with Mr Sapcote's bits is an "Irish Brigade" gallantry certificate. He doesn't appear to have been awarded an MID, however would this be related to the Ginchy Diamond?


It would seem so...

Ginchy Diamond


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To turn the discussions back to the original topic, does anyone know what kind of haversack/ bag an officer would have worn in the field? From photo's I'd say it looks a lot like the '08 model small pack but cannot be sure.

There is also a nice officer waterbottle on ebay at the moment, but I don't think I can bring myself to bid higher than the already insane £310 which it is at the moment (good to see that even in the credit crunch some people still have more money than sense!). I will probably have to settle for a standard type waterbottle at the moment.

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They'd probably have worn the same as an infantry officer, ie. a canvas bag, often leather-reinforced at the bottom, that does up with a strap and buckle on the flap and has a detachable shoulder strap adjusted by a slider and attached to brass rings on the bag with spring clips. They might equally have just used an 08 sidepack and shoulder strap.

I don't know why anyone would pay that money for an officer's waterbottle as they are not actually that scarce and often turn up in mint condition, indicating that they were quite often just not used. I agree that the price is insane and think £60-70 is a realistic sum.



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Sapcote's MID cert. was sold on ebay a couple of years ago. Many of these were DUMPED when the medal office moved to Glos. from Droitwich! Sad to see a life carved up & many a story lost. One DSO document made over £1k!

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