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Cheadle & Gatley War Memorials


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My original website is now closed. I'd been planning to close it in due course, but AOL has withdrawn the free space on which it ran from the end of October (without bothering to tell its customers).

All of the WW1 biographies are available on my Borough-wide site - More Than A Name (see signature below for link).

My thanks to various folk who linked their own websites to it in the past.


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Withdrawing webspace without warning is shocking and I would bet that quite a few people have now lost all their data. I'm sorry they did that to you, but I know that you had the wisdom to keep separate records.

One thought - you could consider buying domain names which include the words Cheadle and Gatley memorial (or something appropriate) and asking Ihelm to point them at your More Than A Name website. That would help searchers to find the right place now that the original sites have vanished.


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Hello John

The CEF Study Group List of Recommended Great War Websites has already made the necessary change. Borden Battery

More Than a Name – A Memorial to the Men of Stockport, Cheshire, England

This Great War memorial website contains the alphabetical listing of more than 2800 names of men (and one woman) who were associated with the Stockport region of England. These soldiers are cross-indexed with their regiment or unit, locality and some references may contain a short biography and/or details on the battle or event that lead to their death. In addition, the site also contains a growing list of general memorials and their inscriptions to the Missing in Combat. This project is intended to ensure that these men, who gave their lives in the service of their country nearly 100 years ago, are not forgotten. A John Hartley website. [CEF Study Group – Nov 2008]


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Many thanks both.



Always liked your site. Taken the link off mine to yours, so let me know when you are back.


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