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Help With this MIC

Neil Clark

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I have been passed this MIC by a mate of mine. She has asked me to tell her more about it, but all I can make out are the references to the Royal West Kent's and Royal Engineers?

This is NOT my thing, I'd appreciate help from someone in the know... :)

All the best



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Neil. The x denotes that these medals will have these details plus his initial and surname inscribed upon them ie:- Driver RFA (Royal Field Artillery), the other medal I think will be inscribed the Royal Engineers as the last served. The (1) denotes France as the theatre of war entered into on the 12th of December 1915. The medal roll references are the references for the National Archive medal roll books held at Kew. Ralph.

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Hi Neil,

the 'L' prefix to his RFA no. would suggest that he may have been locally recruted. If the mans hometown is known it's likely that the town had raised a field artillery unit. Also the 'WR' RE prefix would denote Waterways and Railways, suggesting that he may have had some pre-war experience in one of these trades. From the entry date I would guess at the 32nd Division which recieved the artillery brigades from the 31st Division during December 1915. Any Yorkshire connections?


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