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I note on the CWGC listings that some names are identified by a Panel Number whereas others are blank. I stand to be corrected but I therefore assume that the names of M.N. casualties from sinkings, who have no known grave, are commemorated on panels under the name of the ship?

However, I am particularly interested in the M.N. Stewardess casualties, are their names commemorated on a panel exclusive to Stewardesses or would they be commemorated, along with the crew under the ships name?

I trust that my question is clear.


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All casualties are listed under the ship's name.

If you contact member, Jim Strawbridge, he will probably have photos of the individual inscriptions. He is researching those females that died in the Great War.

The names with Panel numbers are the WW2 entries but the names are still listed by ship.

The Tower Hill Memorial has two distinct sections - one for each world war.

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I photographed various panels of Anglesey interest recently, including two MN Stewardesses - one on the Lusitania, the other on the Leinster.

They are amongst the male crew in each ship, and all you get is a surname and initial(s). Gender is not specified, so there is no way of determining the female casualties just by looking at the panels.

If you'd like copies of those two panels, just send me a PM.


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Wonder if anyone can help me. I am researching a friends family tree and have found that her Grandfather William Claringbold was presumed drowned when the SS Taplow was sailing from Huelva to Port Talbot. Can anyone tell me if the steam ship was ever found and if so where and what it was carrying ??? Also i understand that his name is on the Tower Hill Memorial is there pictures of these memorials available - or alternatively a list of what panel his name would appear on. I am not sure my friend can make it to London to see the memorial but it would be lovely to get a picture of the panel showing his name on it.

Many Thanks


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Hello EAC,

I don't have pictures of that ship's crew names from the Tower Hill Memorial, but the online Commonwealth War Graves Commission's register states that William Frederick Claringbold was a Ship's Cook on the SS Taplow of London, and was presumed drowned on 5 June 1916, aged 30.

The entry adds that he was born at Deal, Kent, and was the husband of Mary Alice Claringbold (Nee Finnis), whose post-war address was 25 Durham Road, Newport, Monmouthshire.

If it's just an emailed image or printed photo of his name that's required, the British War Graves Photographic Project do have it if you apply on this site: http://twgpp.org/index.php

I think that a donation or other payment is requested for this, and (not sure - ask) it might just be his name rather than any other of his shipmates.

Googling suggests that the ship was carrying a cargo of copper bars and simply disappeared, being finally reported missing on 1 August 1917- see http://www.mercantilemarine.org/showthread.php?t=104 About 25 men were lost, including a couple of naval reservists who probably manned the defensive armament, and who are commemorated separately on the Chatham Memorial to the Royal Naval missing.

If you want a general picture of the Tower Hill Memorial I can send one, if you PM me.

Hope this helps.


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