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Grandad's MIC


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I have a copy of my grandad's MIC but it doesn't mention his 1914 Star or 1915 Bar (I think that's the term). I know he was awarded them because I have them!

Is it usual for this information to be missed off the medal card? I've also got a copy of the RAMC medal roll and it's not mentioned there either.

Also, the MIC doesn't say what date he arrived but I know from what my Dad told me he was at Mons and was also an Old Contemptible. I can I found out more?

I've attached a copy of the MIC




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Sometimes Soldiers have two MICs.

One recording the Star and another the War and Victory Medal.

Have you checked for another Card?


Add-I see LIT beat me to it. :D

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George and LIT

Thanks for the replies - never thought that he could have another MIC with a different regimental number! Will check his medals again - although they're framed so will have to see if I can get them out of the frame without damaging it.

The other MIC that you've put up LIT does seem like it could be him. I know he was out in France within days of the war starting as the date on this MIC shows and that according to dad, he served with his brother in law who I know was with the 20th Field Ambulance, again as this MIC shows which would support that.

Once again, the forum has come up trumps, very much appreciated



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