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Remembered Today:

The Portugese at Neuve-Chapelle


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They were from Festubert (Division boundary with the 55th British Div.) and Laventie (Division boundary with the 40th British Div.)

Approximately : http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&amp...8803e2b436de47e

Approx. 11 km frontline.

You can take a look here : http://www.grande-guerre.org/Articles/Portugal2.htm (french)



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Here's a msp showing the direction and times of the German advance, Steve.


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Hello Paul, I got it from the N.A. it's WO153_301, (it's part of a much larger map) I can send you a copy if you want? Steve.

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Hi Steve !

If I sent you a PM with my email ... would you send me one too please ?

I'd be very grateful !

Thanking you in advance

Annie :)

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Hello Steve,

as said Annie this map is really terrific... I know all these places... they are "in my garden"...

Never I have seen something so "concrete" about "opération Georgette"...

Thank you very much

Very friendly


PS please wait for still a moment for "my" german soldier...

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