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The first use on Tanks


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Hi everyone, I was just doing a bit of research on Tanks in the WW1 and I am a bit confused. I was under the impression that Tanks were used for the first time on in the attack on High Wood 15 Sept 1916. However I came across the following site on Siegfried Sassoon, which states the following.

By the 20th July another attack on the wood was commenced. This time the assault was undertaken by the 1st Bn Cameronians, the 5/6th Scottish Rifles and the 20th Royal Fusiliers with tanks. Their attempts to clear the wood were met with fierce German resistance and it was necessary to call for assistance. Accordingly, Robert Graves’ battalion, the 2nd Royal Welch Fusiliers moved forward. (By that time Graves had been seriously wounded and was lying in the Aid Post in Mametz Wood presumed dead.). Some progress in capturing the wood was made but parts of it were still in German hands.

Were Tanks uses on 20th July by the 20th Royal Fusiliers????



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