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Overseas chevrons


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Today I bought some overseas chevrons together with a dog tag stating 208483, C E, A E Gough. Of course I can't be sure the dog tag and chevrons were definately of the same soldier however I was quite curious about the chevrons as there are 6, the colour of them is quite faded on the outward side, but if I turn it over I can see that 5 were once blue and the 6th was seperate and was red for 1914 service. In most photos the most you see is 5 chevrons for each of the war years (if they belonged to the old contemptables), does anyone know if a 6th was given for service in 1919?

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Interesting question........

I can't see the Army of Occupation in the Rhineland getting one, but I can see no reason why the North Russia campaign wouldn't have, and while we're at it, why not India and the Middle East?

Campaign medals were granted for each of these.

ACI anyone?



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Qualifying service for overseas chevrons ceased on 1 May 1920, and their wearing was

discontinued in 1922. So a total of seven was possible, never seen more than 5 though,


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Thanks very much for the advice, I thought it was unusual, but as they were cheap I didn't take much of a risk really. Here are some pictures of the front and the back.



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