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Remembered Today:

HMHS Oxfordshire


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hello there,

I haven't logged in for some time now, after the long and sometimes distressing search for information on my grandparents relatives lost in the great war. Thanks again to grandson Michael.

I'm mentioning her because the 'oxo' served in the great war too HMHS Oxfordshire

But also because in all the fuss in finding out what happened in ww1, I neglected my dear old dad. He was a SBA then LSBA on HMHS Oxfordshire in ww2. I was proud of my Grandpa who was in the Canadian cavalry through ww1, but I'm also proud of my dad because he went to war with only a red cross. I thought about posting on the other thread about policy on German attacks on Hospital ships, but I've only my dad's tales to go on and he died in 2000. He said that they (Oxfordshire) were attacked by Italians in the Med and Japanese in the Pacific. I can't be any more specific than that, other than he said they were bombed. I don't even know if she was hit, maybe someone here does.

Anyhow, I posted a little slide show on youtube today, hope it brings back memories for someone: Oxfordshire video

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I think the Oxfordshire was used in the 1950s as a troopship to and from Malaya, the other being the Devonshire which I sailed on to Malaya in 1956;)

Cheers Ron

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