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Muzzle covers


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Risking a blatant thread hijack...

This might actually be a good place to ask about other muzzle caps. I know there were slip-over designs for the CCLLE and hinged ones for GEW 98s, were there similar for M1917s, M1903 Springfields, Lebels, Berthiers, GEW 88s etc etc

could we start a visual library after (Mike_H's excellent photo)......


Rather that hi-jack the thread i thought I would start a new one.

Here is a version of the Flanders mud flap on a Mark III Ross.

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Also, here is the muzzle protector for the Arisaka Type 30 and 38 rifles, plus a photo of a private in the 17th London with his Arisaka fitted with one.



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On a recent tour Clive Harris quoted to us from 'The Pilgrim's Guide to the Ypres Salient' a description of a battalion coming out of the line "with their rifle muzzles protected by grey socks knitted by old ladies at home".

Sorry no photo.


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