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Help on Medal Rolls Index Card Entry


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An entry on a Medal Roll Index Card appears to read:

Retd (1743 KR 1912)

Presumably, "1743" was a service number, but what was "KR"? Could anyone help translate, please? Also, in the same Index Card, there is:

No 4 Coy Lahore Div Train

Again, this is presumably the Divisional Train of the 3rd (Lahore) Division, but "The Long Long Trail" states that this consisted of 428, 429, 430 and 431 Companies, ASC. Why the difference?

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1743 KR refers to the paragraph of King's Regulations dealing with unclaimed medals

medals that were unclaimed after 10 years were sent to The DDOS at the Royal Dockyard Woolwich Medal Brach and broken up.



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Hi there

I've heard of medals not being claimed until the mid 1930's, and then being sent on to the recipient.

(This is probably off the topic of this thread, but I found it quite interesting that the medals, if not claimed would be desroyed.)


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