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Arthur Tudor DARLEY

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Is there anyone who can provide any information please on the life and career of Commander A T Darley of HMS Good Hope he was killed in action on 1 Nov 1914.

Many thanks

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The Times is normally pretty good for some brief details in their Fallen Officers section but unfortunately I couldn't locate one for Commander Darley. You would expect one for such a rank.

Some miscellaneous details from earlier years:

He was promoted from Lieutenant to Commander 31 December 1909.

He married Miss Charlotte Sinclair May, eldest daughter of Brigadier-General May, in Nov 1910 (in Dublin).

His younger brother, Lieut-Colonel John Evelyn Carmichael Darley, Hussars, formerly A.D.C. to Governor of Gibraltar, was killed on Easter Sunday, 1918.

Arthur Tudor Darley's only son had the same name. He also reached the rank of Commander and died in 1970.



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I can't remember where I got this from (I think I may have even written it!)...

Darley was born in Glensouthweil, County Dublin, the son of Wellington Darley and Anne Frances Tudor on 29 August, 1876. He joined the training ship HMS Britannia in 1890, and passed out seventh out of fifty-seven naval cadets in January, 1893 before being promoted Midshipman on 15 March of that year.

On 15 September, 1896 Darley was promoted Sub-Lieutenant and was consequently given command of Torpedo Boat No. 53 on 15 June, 1897 for the 1897 Diamond Jubilee Fleet Review. On 15 December, 1898 he was promoted to Lieutenant and appointed to the battleship Repulse.

He was promoted to Commander on 31 December, 1909 and then appointed Flag Commander to Admiral Arthur Leigh Winsloe on the China Station. On 10 November, 1910, on leave, he married Charlotte Sinclair in Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin. Darley was one of the first fifteen Commanders to be appointed to the Naval War Staff and after duty at the Admiralty he was in March, 1914 temporarily appointed to the cruiser Good Hope while waiting to tae up duty on the flagship on the China Station.

While in the Good Hope Darley was present at the Battle of Coronel, the first major British naval defeat in a hundred years, and was lost at sea. He left behind a daughter, Evelyn Elizabeth (born 23 October, 1911) and a son, Arthur who was born after Darley's death on 15 December, 1914.


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Hi bio and a very dark picture appear in De Ruvigny's, Vol 1.


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