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5th Bn Royal Fusiliers

andrew pugh

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Good Afternoon All.

I wonder if someone could tell me where the 5th Battalion Royal Fusiliers did their training from the 18/5/1914 until 4/12/1914? I know it was a depot battalion and never left the U.K.

Best Regards Andy

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The Monthly Returns of the Royal Fusiliers show that the Headquarters of the 5th Battalion was at Hounslow from August 1908 to August 1914, it then moved in that month to Dover.

Whether the Battalion trained in the same place as the Headquarters was located is something I can't confirm though.

Hope it helps a little.


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According to Brig E A James, the battalion moved to Dover in August 1914, so I'd say Dover, to confirm what Steve says. Stayed there for the duration.

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