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Remembered Today:

In memory of 'Bill' a horse. 1914-1924


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I like this one:


"Good on you Bill" and all those other animals that suffered and died.

Many thanks for posting this.

I believe that there was an inscription on an Australian headstone to the effect

"He would give his last scrap of food to a starving dog".

Someone might be aware of the correct wording.

Somewhat off topic for which I apologise.


Bob Norman

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The “Bill” memorialized by this marker was brought to the Middle East in 1914 from NSW with the AIF. Bill served in Egypt for a time, and then took part in the Gallipoli campaign where he helped taking supplies up the ridges to the troops and carried dead and wounded men down to the beaches.

When Gallipoli was evacuated, the troops simply abandoned Bill rather than shoot him as ordered. It seems that after nine months of hard work, Bill had earned himself a soft spot with the troops. For the next few years, Bill’s history is unknown but in 1919, when the first of the Graves Registration Units arrived at Gallipoli, they happened across Bill and identified him by his AIF markings. For the next five years, Bill was employed by these units, assisting in much of the difficult work. When he finally died in 1924, it seemed only appropriate that he too be buried among the other veterans of the campaign.


Tim L.

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Thanks Tim

It really is a lovely story. A bit of a pity that his grave marker is behind the CWGC depot and thus not accessible unless you are 'in the know' as it were.

I am not, by the way, in the know! Our guide, Kenan Celik took us there.

Just don't tell the CWGC!


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