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2nd KOYLI; 2nd Manchester; 10th A&S Highlanders


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On 18 August 1918, the 6th Brigade AIF moved their line to the outskirts of Herleville. On 18/19 August the Brigade was relieved by units from the BEF;

  • 22nd Btn AIF by 2nd KOYLI
  • 23rd Btn AIF by 2nd Manchester
  • 24th Btn AIF by 10th A&S Highlanders
Two questions

  1. can anyone provide/refer me to the details of the action that followed through to taking Herleville
  2. Is there any slim, slim, slim chance that any of these units would have recovered/buried Lieutenant Leo McCartin MC, 22nd Btn AIF KIA 18.8.18 in the vicinity of the crucifix at Herleville, and recorded this?
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I can answer question 2 fairly quickly: none of the 3 units mention in their histories the recovery of an Australian officer.

It may of course be mentioned in the diaries, but the historians didn't consider it relevant enough to print when compiling the history

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