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How I Filmed The War


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Doesnt it just show you, when reading Malins account of the film he took at Hawthorn redoubt on the 1st July, just how much of his film was censored by the military.

What a shame all this genuine film of the battle was destroyed and never kept.


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Hello John

Taken from the CEF Study Group Recommended Great War Websites, here is the parent website with your recommended digital book and a very small sample of some of the others.

Regards - Borden Battery

Archive Dot Org Website

The following books are presented on Archive Dot Org and represent a growing resource of scanned texts in the public domain. A consortium of universities is scanning a wide range of older text-books including the following sample on the Great War. These texts can be down-loaded free of charge. [Recommendation by Bro with URL linkages provided by Chris Wight][CEF Study Group - Apr 2005]


How I Filmed the War : A Record of the Extraordinary Experiences of the Man Who Filmed the Great Somme Battles

Warren, Low [CEF Study Group]


On War – Carl Von Clausewitz

This on-line document was originally published in German by Dümmlers Verlag, Berlin, 1832 . This site presents the complete translation by Colonel J.J. Graham as published by N. Trübner, London, 1873. The material is presented in eight “books” with several chapters in each book. On War is a classic document which attempts to understand total war as an instrument of national policy. This book has stimulated generations of soldiers, statesmen, and intellectuals for generations. [CEF Study Group – Updated Oct 2008]


Stranded in Russia by Roger Crownover

The website is based on the January-February 1999 article by Paul D. Mehney and presents 16 pages in a tabloid-magazine style on the Polar Bear Expedition to northern Russia after the end of the Great War. In the following pages of this uniquely Michigan story, Roger Crownover looks at how Detroiters lobbied to bring their boys Michigan home. You also will learn why President Woodrow Wilson committed American troops, soon known as the Polar Bears, to this action, and how the Polar Bears viewed Russia, its people and their experience. Finally, we offer an assortment of historic pictures, Polar Bear uniforms and artifacts from the extensive collection of Michigan’s Own Military and Space Museum in Frankenmuth. [Recommendation by Hauptmann][CEF Study Group - May 2006]


Infantry in Battle – George C. Marshall, Colonel

This historic 1934 booklet [97 pages] treats a wide range axioms, scenarios and tactics of smaller units and is illustrated by examples drawn from the [Great] World War. The format includes an outline, discussion, map(s) and conclusion. [CEF Study Group - July 2006]


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