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Danish graves


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Attached are photos of a couple of graves in Denmark. Taken on recent trip. (My wife is very tolerant as our first stop was at a cemetery in Esbjerg, and our last in Aabenraa.) The grave in Esbjerg is a solitary, unnamed grave for a sailor washed ashore in 1916. One of many others up the Danish coast. Well kept as usual, although ALL Danish cemeteries are - each plot with a low box hedge.

The second is more intriguing. It is a private memorial in Aabenraa to two sailors who died in 1920. One from HMS Hood and one from HMS Tiger. Does anyone know how they died? In an accident (but they were on two different ships)? There is also a large CWGC plot in the cemetery (WW2 airmen), as well as German, Czech and Russian graves from both wars.

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Also of interest is the fact that in southern Jutland, there are of course WW1 war memorials as that part of the country was in Germany following an invasion in the 19th C. So the following is an example from Mogeltonder.. Interesting in that each block relates to a separate year (of death)

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