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Tyneside Scots insignia


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Hello Pals,

I was wondering if anyone out there could answer a couple of questions about the TS on the 1st July 1916?

1. Did the battalion at that time wear Black Watch tartan backing to there capbadge, when worn on Khaki bonnet?

2. I know each battalion wore a diamond shaped coloured badge on the back of the arms at the shoulder seam. But i have also read that for the attack they had to wear a Yellow Triangle on their backs. Was this a cloth badge sown on, if so where, or was it a metal one worn on the pack, as worn in some other attacking formations?

Thank you very much for your time,


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Hi Stewart

The TS didn't get a backing to the cap badge until after the 1st of July and it was known as sandbag tartan. PM Graham Stewart and he will give you the exact colouring.

The Yellow triangle was fastened to the pack to aid the artillery observers. The operation order in the war diary doen't make it clear wether it was cloth or metal. I think as most other formations had metal that 34th Div would have too.



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Thank you both for the replies. Graham's attachment of the capbadge from the Piper who died in July 1916 does show a badge with backing. I think I will send him a PM to see if he has further details.

As for the triangle, I have seen members of the Lanc Fus. on the 1st of July wearing a metal Triangle from the straps of there Small Packs, when they wore them on their backs for the Assault. It does sound very probable that the same was done with the Tyneside Scots. It does seem to make sence.



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