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Gallipoli 2 days ?


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Hi all I'll be arriving in Gallipoli on the 7th Oct. and I'll have 2 full days there I have a couple of good guide books that give some self guided walking tours I was just wondering if 2 full days there wandering around by myself and following my guide books will be long enough, I mainly want to see the main Anzac sites of interest.

Or should I for the first day jump on a guided tour and check the sites out with them then the next day head back out there by myself and go to some other areas they don't visit on the tour or go back over some of the sites ?

I will be staying in Ecebat, at Crowded House Hotel.

Any help apprecited.

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I always find that there are never enough days to see Gallipoli, but if you are concentrating yourself around Anzac the two days should give you a very good starter. Maybe split it up so you spend a day walking from Dawsons Point, along the beach road, stopping at Beach and Ari Burnu cemeteries. Shrapnel Gully and Plugges is also easily reachable from there, and continue along North and Ocean Beach to Fisherman's Hut and the cemeteries in and around Embarkation Pier. The second day would be good then to walk along the ridges taking in Boltons ridge, Lone Pine, Jonhson's Jolly, Courtney, Steele's and Quinn's Posts and then the Nek, and up onto Baby 700, Battleship Hill and Chunuk Bair. A good return road to walk is then down the Third Ridge past the Scrubby Knoll and then back to the road. Of course you may want to think about getting a lift from Eceabat as its about a 10km distance.

regards, Krithia

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You lucky devil,

I posted a travelogue of my visit on the Forum a while ago and I think if you carry out a search it is still available. Basically its the demented ramblings of a mad man on tour but it may give you some hints/tips,

Have a great trip and please let us know how your visit went?



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Krithia thanks for the info, like you said you'll never have enough days to see everything but I think 2 days should give me a good headstart on most of the main Anzac sites.

I'll be doing heaps of walking but I'm really looking forward to it, just under a week to go now.

Scottie thanks as well I'll check out your travelogue too.

Sorry I'd also offer to take pics of graves for members here but I don't want to miss any and have to disappoint anyone.

Cheers all will keep you posted on my trip.

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