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Thanks to Chris (Riflegreen) I have now established that my maternal Grandfather Albert James Holt served with the KRRC prior to being transferred to the Hampshire Regt./AOC. However I am yet to find any other documents pertaining to his service, all I have is my mother's birth certificate dated May 1914 which has a faint blue stamp to the reverse which reads Recorded........, Maj for Co.....Offic...? ? Rifle Records, Winchester. Despite enhancement of the image I have not been able to establish which Battalion he was in.

The only other document I have is his MIC from the Hampshires/AOC, but two photographs show him with; 1) The KRRC cap badge and 2) the Hamps. cap badge.

Regarding the blue stamp, am I correct in assuming that the certificate would have been presented at Rifle Records Depot the same year? Or would this have been after my Grandfather enlisted?

Would my Grandfather be expected to present his other children's birth certificates too? The three other children were born in 1912, 1904 and 1902.

Winchester was the the depot for the Rifle Brigade & KRRC, were any other Rifle Regiments affliated, i.e. London Territorials?




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If you go to the search engine and look for a thread called "Maj. Russel, what Regiment" I think that you will find the information that you require as to who the officer was.


Andy :ph34r: (the nameless one)

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Thanks Andy,

That is certainly an interesting thread. But am I still need to establish which Battalion my grandad was in, on the stamp it looks like a 1 and something else?



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Hi Derek,

I see that Chris has already looked into the RB side of things for you. It might be an idea to drop Marc Thompson a message as he has a very good database for the Hants Regt. and you might be able to help one another.


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