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Looking to visit Brookwood

Anthony Bagshaw

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Hi All,

If this is in the wrong section MODS please move, apologies in advance if it is!

I am looking to visit Brookwood in the near future and was wondering whether anyone could recommend a hotel, B and B or the like where my partner, 6 month old Daughter and myself can stay for a night?

Due to the distances involved for us, 163 miles one way, we couldn't get there and back in a day and would prefer to stay over.

Can anyone assist please? I would be grateful for any help.

Thanks in advance


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I am unable to recommend a decent place to stay in Brookwood but as you are visiting the cemetery give Phil Henry a pm. He has photographed the cemetery & knows far more than most about it. He even managed to get the American chapel opened when I visited with him!

Phil, you owe me a beer for the reference :lol:


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Thanks guys.

Phil PM on the way, many thanks

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