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QUOTE (BattlefieldPhotographer @ Sep 29 2008, 03:28 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Are you referring to Orde Wingate and the crew he died with in Burma?


The CWGC records for Drummy's three men gives their burials in a common grave, at Louisville Zachary Taylor reference: Sec. E. Coll. grave 249/250.

As these men are also in a common grave, it does possibly suggest similar circumstances to the death of Orde Wingate, his ADC, two war corresponents & the five American personnel buried together at Arlington, with the bodies unable to be individually identified, but are there any American (or other non Commonwealth) personnel buried in the same grave at Louisville, is there any way of easily finding out? there are probably too many graves in this cemetery to run through and identify possibilities using Find-a-grave (at least not without spending a considerable amount of time searching for other burials who diedon the same day); One major difference between this and Wingate's death is that these three men are all from the ranks, and likely to have been on more routine duties(?)


There are the remains of seven men in the same grave at Camp Zachary Taylor -

Elmer A. Hill jr., Sergeant, Air Corps

G.S. Lane, Fusilier, British Army

W.H. Mace, Fusilier, British Army

Edwin W. Stapp, 1st Lieutenant, Air Corps

F. Still, Sapper, British Army

Louis H. Veling, 2nd Lieutenant, Air Corps

Howard W. Vorbeck, Sergeant, Air Corps

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Thanks BereniceUK searching using the names, found this which confirms that the seven men interred in a common grave at Louisville Zachary Taylor were in WW2 Chindit operations in Burma (this is obviously not the Great War, but, fingers crossed, that the mods will tolerate it)

From http://flgrube1.tripod.com/id243.html

This crew was lost when their C-87, 43-30575, crashed in the Himalaya Mountains on March 18, 1944. They were assigned to the 1st Air Commando Unit that supported the Chindits operating in the Burmese jungle. The British men were with the 1st Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers and the Royal Engineers. They were all interred January 26, 1950 in Section E 249-250 at the Zachary Taylor National Cemetery

1/Lt Edwin Stapp
2/Lt Louis H. Veling.
S/Sgt Elmer A Hill Jr
Sgt Howard W. Vorbeck

British Fusilier G.S. Lane
British Fusilier William Henry Mace
British Combat Engineers Sapper F. Still

It's taken six years, but got the answer in the end!


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