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West Yorkshire Regiment


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Hi everyone - does anyone know what, if any, insignia would have been worn (such as battle patches etc) by the 11th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment in late 1918, in Italy? Also, what would it say on the brass shoulder titles?

Thanks, Rob

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The battalion wore a yellow diamond on the back of the tunic, 1/2" below the collar. The diamond was 4" high with 2 1/2" sides. It was first worn in July/August 1916.

Sandbag steel helmet covers were stencilled with a white horse (as in the cap badge) and when topees were worn in Italy during the summer of 1918 a yellow diamond was worn sewn on the left side of the pagri.


P.S. brass shoulder titles were "W.YORK"


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Thanks Mike, very much appreciated and will certainly come in useful.

Regards, Rob

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