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Pembroke Camp and Ranges, Malta


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I'm currently researching the history of the Pembroke Camp and Rifle Ranges in Malta which were established in 1860, which continued to grow into St. George's, St. Andrew's and St. Patrick's Barracks till closure in 1977.

I was wondering whether any member knows of any particular or interesting account that occured in these barracks during the Great War, other to the building of Australia Hall. I once heard that there was an 'accident' there, but I could be easily mistaking it for the Pembroke Camp in UK. I'm also after any photos of Pembroke (Malta) until WW2.

Thanks and regards.


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Hello !

The photo you have posted is of the St George's barracks in the Pembroke area - taken from the southern side of St George's Bay. As for information about the hospitals located in the area during the Great War, see the first hand account MALTA: THE NURSE OF THE MEDITERRANEAN by Rev. Albert G. Mackinnon.

The 'accident' was not actually at the camp - but involved a boat off that area which was caught in rough seas. However, during the Second World War, the clearly marked St Andrew's Hospital was apparently the target of a direct attack. The ranges are still used by the Armed Forces of Malta.

There are other snippets of information, photos, etc. available that can assist with your research.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Wayne.

Thanks and appreciate your reply.

I live in Valletta but it's amazing how certain material in not available locally and have to refer enquiries to overseas forums.

I know the Macinnon book but never browsed it and then there's the work by Savona Ventura.

What I can't understand is, if St. Patrick's Barracks was still in the early stages of construction in WW2, how come there was a St. Patrick's Hospital during the Great War?

Some source place it being near Spinola and under canvas. So it isn't the same St. Patrick's that is now Sandhurst School. I wonder whether the St. Andrew's Hospital (WWI) was at the St. Andrew's that we know, while St. Paul's Hospital at the St. Paul's Hutments area! Viewing certain service maps of the time us useless, as all military installations were left black for secrecy.

I'm actually trying to locate any photos of the Pembroke Camp prior to the Great War but that's beyond the parameters of this forum and don't want to abuse its hospitaliy.


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I'm also trying to list and locate the Hospitals in Malta that were used during the Great War. There are snippets of information in various sources, one of which is 'The Nurse of the Mediterranean', as Wayne has mentioned.

There is another write-up by Mackinnon, which probably precedes 'the Nurse' as it is quoted as 1915, whereas 'the Nurse' is 1916. The 1915 version is currently on-line on the Malta Family History site - if you haven't seen it, you can find it at:


The Official British Army Great War series includes a volume dealing with the Medical History of the War which includes a listing of the Hospitals, their opening and closing dates, their capacity, but unfortunately, no details of their location. This listing is repeated in John Mizzi's book 'Gallipoli - the Malta Connection'.

If you need this listing, let me know and I can try to scan and attach it here.

One detailed reference in the 1915 article refers to Boy Scouts in the Hospitals, where they were apparently used to run errands for the wounded, including posting their letters. A number of letters and postcards from Malta Hospitals have a special circular handstamp that has a cross at the centre and 'On Active Service - Medtn.' around the edge. I would like to establish how these handstamps were used and wonder if the Boy Scouts have some involvement?



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Thanks, Michael.


I'm just in process of digitising a photo album of a  1st cousin 2 removed who was a nurse in Malta in WW1,  and posting them to our family website.

60 pages with 450 photos   of which 300+  are  of St Patrick's Hospital.    (And then mostly Cottonera).  So that's why I've been looking to see what questions have been asked about St Patrick's.    There are many stunning new shots of the camp  and most of the people photographed are named  so this will be a great resource for all students of  'Malta - Nurse of the Mediterranean'.   I'll publish a link to our webpage when ready.




   http://agiusww1.com/                (but the page with the gallery of these photos is hidden for now)

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On 7/18/2017 at 14:10, michaeldr said:

I look forward to seeing the new album in due time

Good luck 




Had so much on recently I forgot to come back and post a link to this great WW1 photo album  that I sorted back in August!




Scroll down the page and you will see links to the photo album  with a many of photos of  St Patrick's Hospital.


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