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Minimum Age 1913

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Does anybody know what the minimum age to join the Army was in 1913? I'm trying to prove that an ancestor joined up under age using a false name. His birth certificate(we hope) is on its way and we reckon he was born around the middle of 1898 which would have made him 14/15 when he joined up in Jan 1913. However his record states hs age at that time as 18 yrs 1 month. He went overseas with the BEF and was killed in the early part of the war.

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"The Army" in 1913 comprised three organisations: Regular Army enlisted for boy service at age 14 [proof required] or 18 [no proof needed], minimum age for active service 19 years unless specifically authorised by CO for such as drummer.

Special Reserve at 17 years, no proof needed, same limit for active service.

Territorial Force as a boy 14, as a man 17, same limits for active service whether at home or overseas.

Can we have regiment and regimental number, could help more.

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Pte W Lennie 9984 2nd Btn South Lancs Regiment

But before you go to a lot of effort I already know quite a lot of the basics about him. Where he joined up, his grave, date of death. I have visited his grave and have his medals. The problem is that the story is full of inconsistencies. The birth certificate came today, but does not show his father's name so we don't even know if it's the right certificate. We are trying to prove beyond doubt that Pte W Lennie was actually Pte William Carroll, but we can't even trace the family in the 1901 census. His medals have his correct name on them and his mother is shown on his Army records as Margaret Carroll. We also don't believe the date of death on his grave as his unit was a long way from where he is buried on the date given. I'll just have to soldier on as they say!

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If a boy of 14 was in the Territorial Force in 1914 would he also be offered the choice as to whether he could volunteer for overseas service?

If he volunteered for this as a legitimate member of the Territorial unit to which he was attached what were his chances of being sent on active service?

Anthony <_<

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