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Rifleman, Infantryman, Guardsman

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I have seen mentioned a few times Guardsman, Infantryman-Private, Rifleman ect. I was wondering if there is difference in training for the above, or is it just a way the different Regiments call their soldiers???

Many thanks,

Stuart in Australia

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Hi Stuart

I understand that the rank of 'Guardsman' , as opposed to 'Private', was not used until just after the Great War.

As for training, 'To Hell and Back with the Guards' by Norman Cliff MM provides a good insight.

Hope this helps.

Ed Matthews

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Basic infantry training common to all, but regimental differences were inculcated very early in training: history, names of parts eg. "sword" for bayonet in Rifles, paces per minute .............

Over the years the titles of private soldiers have proliferated, to now include fusilier, guardsman, rifleman, Kingsman ........

But, with exception of the Guards, they all received the same pay.

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