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Pester power in action !


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Sometimes it pays to ask nicely!

Here was a nice looking Mons star and bar trio being split up on *-B*Y. (Item number: 230263234569 ). A bit of well-meaning mithering and it's relisted as a group with bidding already over £100. (not just down to me 'though. Looks like I wasn't the only one to comment.)

What do people reckon to how best to tackle these situations? If too many comments get sent then it might have the opposite effect. Especially if some of them are a bit 'strong'. One woman responded in total confusion at some of the vitriolic messages she'd had.

I suppose if it's just kept to a polite hint that the seller might raise a bit more by selling a complete group, then this might have the desired effect.

I don't make a great habit of doing this but whenever I have done, it's usually had a positive result.

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