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Ethnic / Colonial Soldiers

Guest soren1916

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Guest soren1916

Hi Pal's

Is there an online archive or photo resource where one can get photo's of Soldiers from these groups?

Perhaps Pal's have some that they would'nt mind sharing? anything really Gurkhas, Chineese Labour Corps, British West indies, Indian Army?

I want to produce some portrait drawings and need something as a starting point.


Any help appreciated.


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Here's a couple of links for an overview of the BWIR...you can also find plenty of hits on Google and Google images.



Also if you go on the Imperial War Museum site you can search photos and buy online, or you contact them with more specific requests


There is also a Commonwealth section on the site which may be useful.


Hope it helps.


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There are some wonderful pictures of Indian troops in Mesopotamia, I saw when there looking through the albums for other stuff.

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Have a box of tissues ready when you check out the boy soldiers section.

Good site though.



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Has Anyone noticed in the ancre film there is a group of about 5 or 6 African chaps sitting in canvas jerkins

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You could nip down to the Cloth Hall and get the excellent Five Continents in Flanders book.

Edit - I've just seen the date of your posting... you've probably got all you need now.

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Not sure what is online from the Times History of the Great War, Great War in Pictures or other such titles. The colonial contingents were covered extensively.

Have you seen this site:


Here's two to start your VCs section. Elemets of the Indian Army arrived at the front on 31st October 1914, 1st VC earned 31st October 1914

Khudadad Khan (who appears not to have claimes the clasp to the 1914 Star) http://www.bharat-rakshak.com/HEROISM/Khudadad.html

Darwan Singh Negi


For the full list:


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