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Infantry Base Depot


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Hi everyone

I am sure there must be a previous thread on the subject, but i cant find it.

When a soldier arrived from England for the first time, how long would he be roughly at the Infantry Base Depot



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How long's a piece of string ? The date,Battalion,Brigade and Division would be all-important for me,viz:

Arrival 24th September 1915 Base Depot - 26th September, reinforce the Loos front.

Arrrival 30th June 1916 Base Depot - 1 July,reinforce the Somme front.

There were probably times when he would spend a month or two building up knowledge and training skills.


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Often the newly arrived troops were sent to Etaples for infantry training on the nearby sands (the Bullring). This could last for a while before posting to a front line unit.


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