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One for or New Zealand friends

Roger Thompson

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Hi there Pals,

Noticed and photographed this last Saturday whilst in Batley Cemetery, and wondered why A Kiwi was buried in Batley Cemetery.

Cheers Roger.

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Given Name William

Category Nominal Roll Vol. 1

Regimental Number 8/3192

Rank Private

Body or Draft Eighth

Unit or Regiment Otago Infantry Batln

Marital Status S

Last NZ Address Limehills Southland

Next of Kin Title J

Next of Kin Surname BROMLEY

Next of Kin Relationship Father

Next of Kin Address Post-office Limehills Southland

The cenotaph says he died of wounds. Was there a CCS or hospital nearby? Interesting that his place of death is given as 'United Kingdom to France'.

Edit Of course there wouldn't be a CCS - it's Yorkshire!

(By the way, the Auckland War Memorial Museum cenotaph welcome submissions of photographs of headstones of the men listed on there, if you feel like contributing.)


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Hi there Allie,

Thanks for your reply, Batley is my home town so will call in the library there and look at the old Batley news and see what it says(dum me why didn't i think of that first).

to my knowledge there would have been at least 2 hospitals in the area Batley and Dewsbury and I know there where beds given up to the military.

If you could point me in the right direction of the Auckland War Memorial Cenotaph then it will be my pleasure to submit them, so your fellow countryman isn't forgotten.

Cheers Roger.

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Hi, Roger

You can contact the cenotaph people through the Auckland War Memorial Museum armoury. armoury [at] aucklandmuseum [dot] com

Southland, where William Bromely was from, is at the bottom of the South Island, but was included in the Otago Military District. Many of the families from that area are/were of Scottish extraction and Southland still has the only real distinct accent in NZ, with quite a scottish burr/rolled r.


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Hi there Allie,

I have found the facts behind why he is buried in Batley cemetery.

This report from the Dewsbury District News dated the 29th July 1916.


An Anzac Buried At Batley.

One of the "Anzacs" Private Wm Bromley, Otago Light Infantry, was laid to rest at Batley Cemetery on Saturday, The deceased who was 25 years of age, died of wounds in Tooting Military Hospital, and his body was brought to the residence of his uncle, Mr John Bedford, of Providence Street. Bromley was a member of an old Batley family.

Allie the date on the paper is Saturday 29/07/1916, so that meant he was buried on the 22/07/1916, not bad going for those days 10 days from dying to being reported in the papers.

So as in my earlier post we now know he is not alone .

Cheers Roger.

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Hi there Zack,

Thats brilliant as the friends of Batley Cemetery are now interested in him.

Cheers Roger.

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Bromley William 8 / 3192

This man’s file is 18 pages in length with seven files of interest.

Summary and details follow.


William Bromley was born in Limehills, Southland, New Zealand on 11 November 1890. He was single and lived at Limehills, Southland, New Zealand. He worked for the Southland Timber Company, New Zealand as an engine driver.

On enlistment his apparent age was aged 24 years and he was described as being 5 feet 7½ inches tall, and he weighed 133 lb. He was described as having a fresh complexion, dark brown hair and brown eyes. He had a distinctive ‘old’ fracture of his nose. The condition of his teeth was described as “Lower bad. Upper artificial.” His file indicates that he underwent a medical on 24 May 1915 but he didn’t enlist until 24 August 1915. He probably got his teeth fixed in the interim period.

His religious profession was Church of England. His file lists his father as his next of kin: Mr John Bromley P O Limehills Southland.

His file doesn’t record where undertook his medical examination but he attested at Trentham, Wellington on 23 August 1915 and his service period reckons from this date. On attesting he was given the rank of a private in the 8th Southland Infantry Regiment and on enlistment he joined the 8th Reinforcements, D Coy.

He left New Zealand with the rest of the 8th Reinforcements on 13 November 1915 but his file doesn’t record on which transport – either Willochra (HMNZT No 35, or Tofua (HMNZT 36). He arrived in Suez on 18 December 1915 – the file records 20 December 1915. On 5 February 1916 at Moascar he joined the Otago Infantry Battalion back from their bruising time on Gallipoli. On 1 April 1916 he was sick (the file doesn’t state the cause) and he was sent to hospital at Moascar for a few days. On 4 April 1916 rejoined his unit at Moascar and was posted to the Otago Infantry Battalion 4th Company. On 6 May 1916 he embarked for France.

On 8 July 1916 he was reported at Armentieres as wounded (GSW face, hand and left thigh) and was admitted to No 2 NZ Field Ambulance ‘in the field’ on 9 July 1916. He was transferred on 10 July 1916 from 13th Stationary Hospital, Boulogne to England on the Hospital Ship Jan Breydel. On 11 July 1916 he was admitted to the Tooting Military Hospital England where he died from his wounds described as “syncope following an operation” on 19 July 1916.

He had a brother, James Frederick Bromley, who survived the war.


1 New Zealand Expeditionary Force Form No 1

Personal Record of Registration No 8/3192

NAME: Bromley William

Regiment: D Coy 8th Reinforcements


Unit: ‘D Coy 8th’ crossed out and ‘1st Batt O I Regt’ written in (Otago Infantry)

Rank: Pte

Surname: Bromley

Christian Name: William

No: 8/3192

Occupation: Engine dvr

Religion: C E

Place of Birth: Limehills

Date of Birth: 11.11.90

Last New Zealand address: BLANK

Last employer: BLANK

Name, relationship of next of kin (if not resident in New Zealand, insert also name and address of nearest relative in New Zealand): J Bromley PO Limehills Southland (Father)


Country or troopship: NZ

Date from: 25.8.15

Date to: 13.11.15

Foreign: date from 13.11.15 date to 19.7.16

Died of wds 19.7.16


London Wd face hands & thigh (date unknown) admtd hosp 10.7.166

As above ad 13th Staty Hosp Boulogne 10.7.1

Ad Tooting Mil Hosp SW & taken on st of camp 11.7.16

Died of wounds Tooting Military hosp England 19th July 1916

Adv re medals authd to Mr J Bromley (F) Limehills Southland

Medal action


Highest rank held at death: Pte

Country resident in: NZ

Casualty or reason for discharge: D of W

Legatee and address: W J Bromley Limehills Southland

Legal next of kin, relationship and address: W J Bromley Father Limehills Southland


1. 1914 – 15 Star

2. British War Medal

3. Victory Medal


Soldier’s name Bromley Wm

Reg No 8/3192

Roll No 50435

Scroll despatched (Date) 28 MAY 1921

Plaque 27 JAN 1922

Recipient and address: Mr W J Bromley Limehills Southland

Written top right hand side “Cert posted 2.9.22”

3 NEW ZEALAND EXPEDITIONARY FORCE (Form No 3) Military History Sheet

No 8/3192

Name Bromley William

1 Service record: NZ 23/8/15

10 Name and address of next of kin: Father John Bromley PO Limehills Southland NZ

Intended place of residence on discharge: NZ


NAME: Bromley William

Information shown in order as: Regiment of Corps; Promotions, Reductions, Casualties, &c; Rank; Dates; Signature of Officer certifying Correctness of Entry

D Coy 8th; Posted; Pte; 23/8/15; L M Scott

OIB 8th Coy; Joined unit @ Moascar; Pte; 5/2/16; illegible

OIB 8th Coy; Joined unit Moascar; Pte; 3.4.16; K Richards

OIB 8th Coy; Admitted 13 Stat Hosp (wounded; Pte; 11.7.16; KR

OIB 8th Coy; Admitted Tooting Mil Hosp; Pte; 11.7.16; E Lees

OIB 8th Coy; Died of wounds (left thigh, face & hand syncope (temporary loss of consciousness due to heart failure)

following operation at Tooting Military Hospital); Pte; 19.7.16; A Hutchinson



No 8/3192

Name Bromley William

Regiment or Unit: 8th Infantry

Questions to be put to the recruit before enlistment (NOTE recruit responses are also numbered 1 – 18)

1 What is your name? William Bromley

2 Where were you born? Limehills

3 Are you a British subject? Yes

4 What is the date of your birth? 11.11.90

5 What is your trade or calling? Engine driver

6 Are you an indentured apprentice? If so where and to whom? No

7 What was the address at which you last resided? Limehills, Southland, New Zealand

8 Have you passed the Fourth Educational Standard or its equivalent? Yes

9 What is the name and address of your present or last employer? Southland

Timber Coy, Limehills, NZ

10 Are you married? No

11 Have you ever been sentenced to imprisonment by the Civil power? If so, when and where? No

12 Do you now belong to any military or naval force? If so to what corps? Yes 8th Reg Infantry

13 Have you ever served in any military or naval force? If so state which and cause of discharge. No

14 Have you truly stated the whole (if any) of your previous service? Yes

15 Have you been registered for compulsory military training under the Defence Act 1909? If so, where? Yes at Limehills NZ

16 Have you ever been rejected as unfit for the military or naval forces of the Crown? If so, on what grounds? No

17 Are you willing to be vaccinated or revaccinated and inoculated? Yes

18 Are you willing to serve in the Expeditionary Force in or beyond the Dominion of New Zealand under the following conditions, provided your services should so long be required: For the term of the present European war and for such further period as is necessary to bring the Expeditionary Force back to New Zealand and to disband it? Yes

NOTE – Your discharge will not be granted before your return to New Zealand unless permission for discharge elsewhere be obtained from the GOC the New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

I William Bromley do solemnly declare that the above answers made by me to the above questions are true, and that I am willing to fulfil the engagement made.

Signature of Recruit W Bromley

Signature of Witness Illegible

Oath to be taken by recruit on attestation

I, William Bromley, do sincerely promise and swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to our Sovereign Lord the King, his Heirs and Successors, and that I will faithfully serve in the New Zealand Military Forces, according to my liability under the Defence Act, and that I will observe and obey all order of His Majesty, his Heirs and Successors, and of the Generals and Officers set over me, until I shall be lawfully discharged So help me, God.

Certificate of Magistrate or Attesting Officer

The above questions were read to the above recruit in my presence. I have taken care that he understands each question, and that his answer to each question has been duly entered as replied to, and the said recruit has made and signed the declaration and taken the oath before me at Trentham, NZ on this 23 day of August 1915.

Signature of Attesting Officer L M Scott Lieut

Description of Bromley William on Enlistment

Apparent age: 24 years

Height: 5 feet 7½ inches

Weight: 133 lb

Chest measurement Minimum 31 inches Maximum 35 inches

Complexion: Fresh

Colour of eyes: Brown

Colour of hair: Dark brown

Religious profession: Anglican

Distinctive marks, and marks indicating congenital peculiarities or previous disease. Old fracture nose

Medical Examination

Sight: right eye Normal

Sight: Left eye Normal

Hearing: Right ear Normal

Hearing: Left ear Normal

Colour vision Normal

Are his limbs well formed? Yes

Are the movements of all his joints full and perfect? Yes

Is his chest well formed? Yes

Is his heart normal? Yes

Are his lungs normal? Yes

What is the condition of his teeth? Lower bad. Upper artificial

Have you ever had a fit? No

Have you ever had a serious illness? No

Is he free from hernia? Yes

Is he free from varicose veins? Yes

Is he free from haemorrhoids? Yes

Is he free from inveterate or contagious skin disease? Yes

Is there a distinct mark of vaccination? Yes

Is he in good bodily and mental health and free from any physical defect likely to interfere with the efficient performance of his duties? Yes

Are there any slight defects, but not sufficient to cause rejection? Yes teeth


Certificate of Medical Examination

I have examined the above named, and find he does not present any of the causes of rejection specified in the Regulations for Army Medical Services.

I consider him fit for service in the New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

BLANK 1915

J Gow Medical Officer



Surname: Bromley

Christian Name: William

Examined On 24 day of May, 1915


Birthplace Town Limehills

Country NZ

Declared age: 24 years

Trade or occupation Engine driver

Height: 5 ft 7½ in

Weight 133 lb

Chest measurement Minimum, 31 in Maximum expansion 35 in

Marks indicating congenital peculiarities or previous disease: Old fracture nose

Approved by R Gow Medical Officer

Enlisted 23 August 1915 at Trentham

Joined on enlistment D Coy 8th Reinf 23/8/15

6 Form – no title

Written down left hand side of form:

Surname: Bromley Christian Name: William

Information shown in order as: Station or Troopship; Date Arrival at the Station or of Embarkation; Admission into Hospital;

13th Stat Hosp; 11.7.16; Wounded

Tooting Military Hospital; Looks like either the 16 or 18.7.16 yet Statement of Service shows the admission date to Tooting as 11.7.16

Tooting Military Hospital; 19.7.16 died of wounds left thigh, face and hand, syncope following operation

7 ARMY FORM B 103 Casualty Form – Active Service

Regimental Number: 8/3192

Regiment or Corps: The Otago Regiment

Rank: Private

Surname: Bromley

Christian Name: William

Enlisted (a) 23.8.15

Terms of Service (a) period of war

Service reckons from (a) 23.8.15

Information shown in order as: Date; From whom received; Record of promotions, reductions, transfers, causalities &c active service as reported on Army Form B 213, Army Form A33 and in other official documents; Place of casualty; Date of Casualty; Remarks Taken from Army Form B213, Army For A 35 or other official documents:

Disembarked Suez 20.12.15

5.2.16; O/C OIB; Joined and posted to 8th Coy; Moascar; 5.2.16; B213

1.4.16; O/C 1st Bn OIB; sent to hospital; Moascar; 1.4.16; B213

4.4.16; O/C 1st Bn OIB; rejoined unit & posted to 4th Co; Moascar; 4.4.16; Nom Roll

6.4.16; O/C 1st Bn OIB; Embarked for France; Egypt; 6.5.16; Emb Roll

15.7.16; O/C 1st Bn OIB; Wounded; Armentieres; 8.7.16; B213

9.7.16; O/C No 2 NZ Fld Amb; Admitted to No 2 NZ Fld Amb; In the field; 9.7.16; A36 Y1780

11.7.16; O/C 13th Stat Hosp; Transferred to England ex 13 Stat Hosp per S/S Jan Breydel; Boulogne; 10.7.16; GSW face, hand & thigh

19.7.16; O/C Records London; Died of wounds (Tooting Military Hospital); England; 19.7.16; Telegram

Reference source

Agency AABK

Series 18805

Accession W5520

Box / item 119

Record 0018336



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Hi there Zack,

A big public thank you for the full information so glad between us all here in England and you 2 in New Zealand we now know a lot more abot him and he dosn't feel like a stranger lost in a foreign field anymore.

Cheers Roger.

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